Fisher of (PC) People

Doesn’t sounds as nice as as fisher of men. But you know what I mean.

This blog is a response to Willa who asked the question how does being a fisher of men compared to fishing and crabbing?

This was a good question. Willa just make me see that I am a fisherman.

Fishing is a matter of waiting. I realize that I also wait. I put the “bait” out. And wait for people to one day take the “bite”/step.

Fishing does not force a fish to bite. I trust God to influence the person to make a decision. It is not me who say you got to take the bite. The closest I get to have someone make a decision is feeling that God wants me to ask a question. Something like “is there something God is talking your about?”

In the Bible there was a situation in which the fishermen could not get any fishes. And Jesus directed them to obey him. And presto, so much fishes that the net was breaking. So just a couple of example on fishing versus fisher.

Crabbing is a matter of throwing a “net” down into the bottom, waiting and then checking on it at certain intervals. When you do “crabbing” for people. It is like keeping in touch with the “net” seeing if anyone is interest. That is, talking to people who sees me. And me sharing my faith and friendship at times when we are together. These meetings are only weekly, occasionally, and maybe a few times a years. But even if we meet few times together. I would always pray for them that God will lead them to Him.

Well I guess you can say I am a fisherman. And I would even brave the cold to meet. But I’m wise enough to wear warm clothes.


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