God Talks to You?

Last time I mentioned about God talking to me. Didn’t you have questions? Like how does God talk to him? Does he have a burning bush? Does he goes out into a storm and wait for quiet whisper? Maybe you think, he has app call “Talk to God”. In fact I do… kind of.

This is just a simplify answer. It is kind of an overview. Quick and short.

1. Become a follower of Jesus. It is a requirement. If you don’t believe in God or Jesus why whould you want to hear from God.

2. Start reading the Bible. The Bible is all a follower needs for his salvation and how to live his/her life. If you don’t know what God says how can you hear him?

You get the idea, right? It is God’s word that you need to know. From them God will be able to “talk” to you. He will give examples. He will give you principles. He can cover things that is not specific to the modern world. If you know God’s word intimately you can get an “answer”.

Sometimes it is just a yes or no answer because he knows that situation that you are in that require a yes or no. Other times it is doing what is right according to God’s teachings.

Jesus says that he sheep know his voice. So listen carefully.

Oh that app… Bible apps, of course.


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