Yes. I won’t

There is a story in the New Testament called the parable of the two sons. Basically one says No, I won’t. The the other one says Yes, I will.

But the unusual story is that the one who said “yes”, didn’t do anything. It was the one who said “no” that actually went out to do the will of the Father.

I find that very relevant for us today. We tend to say “yes” to God and then immediately or almost immediately forget about what we say yes to.

Take for example the first encounter with God through Jesus. We said “yes, I want to be a Christian” (In so many words. There’s more to this but I am making the illustration simply.) But after our glow has faded and we have said “yes”, we simply live life as if no big deal or event happened. 

What do you think? Are you that type of person? All promises but no action? What is keeping you from doing the Father’s will? Do you know what God’s will for you?

I know, questions. But hopefully this will encourage to renew your life with Jesus. Yes, you will!


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