Do you see this meal that is before me in the picture? There is baked potato, little asparagus, two lobster tail, and a (how can you miss it) rib-eye steak cooked perfectly to medium.

I feel very blessed for this meal. Why because it cost $25 to go to this place. It is what Princess call alternative dining. You have to paid for alternative dining. BUT I got it free. Yes, free complimentary invitation to dine at this place. It is called the Crown Grill. Here you can have for the main course seafood or meat – or both. Or everything on the menu if you want. There were appetizer, soup, salad, and dessert.

Since I just had a slice of pepperoni pizza earlier I was not that hungry. I went straight to the entree. Yum yum.

You could say that the cruise people gave it to us because it was the 50th anniversary. You could say I was one of the selected. It doesn’t matter. What matter was that I didn’t expect this meal.

An when you get something unexpected you generally feel pretty happy (I am talking about happy unexpected). I think this is how God works. He goes around giving us happy unexpected things. Our job is to recognize the gift and give praise and thank to God for them.

Thank you, Lord, for this meal!


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