10 Days Away

Hi followers of this blog. I had a relaxing time on the Star Princess Mexican Cruise. Below is the link to the pictures.


The pictures unfortunately are arrange in the newest date to the oldest. So you will see some pictures in there that are NOT of the cruise. Enjoy.

PLEASE do not think this is the same blog as Twilight Days. As you know I put some spiritual thought in this blog.

You may or may not know I went alone. I do this as my spiritual retreat. I take it easy. No responsibilities. And I get to read, eat, sleep, and most important of all reflect.

Over all what got was that God is good. Not that I have the time and money to be on this trip (which is good). But that I still have my health and ability to even be on this trip. I can still see to read. I can eat almost anything I want. And I get to take lot of naps. I feel blessed that God is so good to me. And He reminds me to think more of my blessings than my inadequacies.

My hope is that everyday God is good to you.

If you have questions on any of the pictures let me know or just questions about my trip, ask. 


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