Growing Years

 Continuation of last blog “A Transformed Mind”. Okay you think now everything is just peachy or fine. This guy has got it all together and he is going to be sailing right through his growing years as a Christian.

Not true. I hardly know anything from the Bible. I don’t know much about Jesus. So I got a lot of learning and relationship with Jesus to get to.

Unfortunately there are behaviors that are taught what a follower of Jesus ought to be. Not much teaching about what you love for Jesus ought to be. These two are not the same. (I am not critizing anyone. Just stating my understanding) Behavior no matter how “Christian” they are does not do enough to about what your heart ought to be.

Christian actions has become like the very actions that Jesus came to tell the religious leader about. It more than how you behave. It what is inside of you that counts. One can say great prayers (just like the Pharisee) for example. But saying great prayers for the wrong reason is not going to get you any closer to love God.

So my growing years were learning about behavor not about relationship with Jesus. Do this. Don’t do this. But I thank God that I wanted to read His words. It is both. Clean heart clean behavor.

I had questions. I had doubts. I had falls (sins if you want the Biblical term). Its like a child growing up. You don’t get it all the time. You are not ready for meat. You got to learn to get up from your crawl and walk. And even walking in the beginning have a lot of falls. And there self-control. Like learn to how you, uh water. You don’t just let go. Diapers all go for that. And the other stuff. We had to learn to wean ourselves off diapers.

My growing year. I think they were typical. God is so patient. I encourage to keep on growing. You may fall at times. But get up. You may need to get rid of you “diaper”.  Don’t wish and think you are automatically mature. Any relationships. Even with Jesus. Needs time and effort. You are still in your growing years.


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