A Transformed Mind

I wanted to continue my story of my conversion which was last posted on 12/3/14.

After I received Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I was one those people who not overly jumping up and down for joy nor was I emotionaless. I was in-between. I feel a kind of burden lifted. I felt different. I seemed to have a different way of thinking on some things.

[Background. I have occasionally gone to church. So I may have been influenced by some of its teaching before I became a follower. But with this church I’ve only been there right after I graduate from Junior High School. I figured maybe a little over five months of Sunday school at the church. And truthfully I was there for the fun. I don’t really know how much “church” language I pick up. I say this because I would be doing things that I don’t think I would normally do.]

Back to after becoming a follower of Jesus. The first thing I did was to tell everyone. I even told my (at that time) non-believing parents. I started to want to take all my sister to church also. I have been going to Sunday school only. But now I wanted to attend worship service. Attending worship was a big deal because a bunch of us after Sunday school would not attend worship and go to a park nearby and just hang. And attending worship service was “boring” because I was not use to it but persevered and kept attending.

I wanted to to invite all my friends. I wanted to tell all my friends about Jesus.


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