Danger! Danger!

Those who are old enough will recognize this picture. If you don’t I’ll explain. It is the robot that is featured in a television show called Lost in Space. One of the task of the robot was to warm the youngest member of the crew, Will Robinson. The robot would say something like: Danger! Danger, Will Robinson!

That’s where the title for this blog comes from. But this danger is not about robot. But it is about warnings when one becomes a Christian. Continuing with my story…

On the day that I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior there was another person who also raised her hand. She and I went to pray together. But after that Sunday, she never came back again. I don’t really know what happened to her. My hope was that she just went to another church and I just didn’t know about it. My fear is that she gave up on Jesus and quit.

After I was saved I wanted to tell the whole world. Well, at least the part that I can talk or write to. Because that afternoon I went home foolishly and told my two non-Christian parents what had happened to me. The reaction to this news was not met with whole hearted joy that was for sure.

And this is the warning. Becoming a Christian not only bring joy and forgiveness, but it can bring trials and the attention of the evil one. Though I became a new Christian, beside my parents, there were lots of little things in my life that questions my decision.

Even now situations and events that will test my resolve to stay true to Jesus. So I say to you: Danger, Jesus Follower!


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