God’s Leading me to Him

lgthouseGod loves me enough to lead me to Him. As I look back on my life, I believe that God’s was there with me even though I know nothing about Him. First God took me out of China. While I was waiting to go to the United States nuns disciplined me. I didn’t know what I did wrong. All I remembered was that they put me in a dark room (closet?). My first bad experience but a memorable way to discipline others. My next recollection of God’s guidance was in Elementary school. Someone took me to Sunday school. I think it was Sunday school. I was only in Kindergarten. My mind vaguely remember pictures of a man dressed in a robe.

When I was in the Boys Scout (212) we met at church. There were required attendance to some sort of activity. A “father” (that was how we addressed him) would do these things in a room that had chair facing the front. I guess it was a worship place. The father was not a good example of God’s representative. He smoked and cussed. This was not a picture of reverent to me.

My mom and dad did not stop me from going to Sunday school. It started with games. This church had activities and games that attracted me to their church. They invited me not only to the activities but to Sunday school. [Note: back then Sunday school attendance was higher than worship]. Now this Sunday school was totally normal to me. This teacher told stories. I don’t know if they were Bible stories but he fascinated me with his story telling. I attend just to hear his stories. When I graduated to Junior High they moved me to another class. There was no story telling. I stop going to that church and its Sunday school.

After what I’ve described God was not relevant or important to me. Near the end of Junior High I had a crush on this girl. I found out that she went to this church. I went there not for the church but for her. It was here at this church I gave my heart to Jesus.

A concern teacher prayed for me and my salvation. And one day she allow God to give a Sunday school lesson (which I have do not remember the lesson) that allow God to touch my heart. She prayed me through to receive Jesus as my Lord and Savior.

God has a way of using all that I’ve experienced to bring me to a point in my life that he could finally speak to me heart to heart, spirit to spirit. And I believed that all that I went through prepared me for my saving moment.

Thanks Mrs. Jan Stockett.


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