September 6th, 2014

Kartoon Knuggets

Hypocrisy is a hard, hard thing to avoid in our walk with Christ. Oh, we may not parade out onto the platform at church and celebrate with fanfare and paparazzi our giving of a huge sum of money to the church. And we may not stand on a street corner and pray piously for all to hear. But maybe like Ananias and Saphira we lie just a bit to gain the praise of others; we said we gave it all but didn’t. Or maybe it is our motives that are hypocritical. We said we did it for the Lord’s glory, but no one “liked” the post on Facebook, our name wasn’t mentioned in the bulletin, someone else got the credit, or no one at all even knew we did it; and so we stop. Hypocrites all.

A question that I have heard suggested many times to help us check our…

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