Planned Beginning

These are additional comments to my blog from “Twilight Days.”

When I reflect back on my life and how I became who I am today. I would not have thought that God was watching over me when I was born.

Mom had told me stories of how the Communist party came looking for my dad. And how dad had to hide from them. Mom didn’t tell me the part of how my dad ever made his way to America. So in a way I may not have been born if dad was captured. And I would not exist to go to America.

I am in America because somehow dad was protected. He made his way to America. Worked and got all the legalities to bring mom and me to America.

Imagine, even back then extraordinary circumstances to bring about my birth. And even protection from harm. I don’t know how long dad was away but it must have been a long time before we were ready to head west. All this time growing in a poor village (maybe not poor in my mom’s eyes). And being watched over and taken care of so that I will be ready to go to America.

God knows my name. God knows my coming and going. And I believed that God was watching my young life until it was time to go to the next staging place – Hong Kong. Next in “Twilight Days” my recollections (with a child mind) of Hong Kong.


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