Everywhere. Even in China

ImageI am referring to Subway. I happened to like Subway sandwiches. And it is not so that I can lose weight. I just like their tuna sandwich. It was a shame that I didn’t get a chance to try China’s Subway tuna sandwich. We were always on the go. And the tour would have most of our meals covered. So with my delicate stomach I don’t think I could have extra food.

Now you may ask what does Subway have to doing with God. Since this is a blog on spiritual thought. It may seem far fetched but as Subway reaches in into China, God too can reach into China. And if God can reach into China, he certainly can reach you – where ever you are. Riverside? Irvine? Davis? San Diego? (sorry if I miss some of your college cities). Or wherever you are living.

This week especially as finals are comings or over. God is with you. May he reach into your heart and remind you how much he loves you.


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