Me King


Ever wanted to be congratulated on a job well done? How about how handsome you look? Or how pretty you look? How about being acknowledged for something you did? Ever wanted to brag or declare that you are the winner, the top, the best? Ever hate losing a game no matter who you play with? How about wanting many “like” on Facebook? The list may go on and on. The commonality of all these is that we all wanted to matter. In other words, we want to be “king”.

Ruler of our life. Maker of our destiny. In control. I feel like that at times. Its human. It is (here is comes) also not what Jesus taught. What was that that John the baptist said? He (Jesus) must increase but I must decrease.

This sound so contrary to what we want, isn’t it? Jesus must increase but I must decrease. That means I have to take off my crown and position as king and ruler of my life. I must give up all rights to what I want for myself. All my goals, my dreams, basically my past, present and future to Jesus.

What do you get if you do this? (We are always looking for the best deal, aren’t we?) Well, for the here and now. Joy and peace. Even in the whirlwind of trying circumstances.

Consider turning everything over to Jesus, my friends. Peace and Joy.



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