Big Piece of Pride in My Eye



It has been a few months now that I have been away from my beloved CNaz. Sylvia and I have been going to different churches for worship. Since I have not been to too many worship where I am just a worshipper I noticed that I started comparing worship styles and everything that is in a worship service.

What happened to me is a cautionary tale to you. Prepare you heart to worship before you go to worship service – any worship service. I didn’t do this (yes, even pastors can fall into this) 😦

So what happens is that I started looking at people, styles, songs – everything under the scrutiny of my own experiences. I find that I started to say to myself – this is not worship. It would be what the people did or say for all the various parts of worship.

But I am glad that the Holy Spirit convicted me! Hey bird brain! (God didn’t actually said that) Get with the program. What are you doing? Are you here to worship and adore Me or what? These people have been doing this before you came over here. You are not the judge of their motives and hearts. Look at Me. Look to Me. I am the Almighty God. Get that pride out of your eye. Come let us worship together. Draw close to Me. Sit at My feet. It is about you and Me, not anyone around you.

Now God didn’t say exactly those words. But you get the idea. Whether it be worship or anything else we do for God we need to keep our on focus on Him – not criticize or judge what others do. Unless of course it is outright sin (this is a blog for another time).

Remember we are no better than anyone else. All of us have sinned. And as the apostle Paul said. I am of all the biggest sinner.


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