Loves Us Still


I am not sure what the actual picture meant. And I am not sure who drew this. But here is my interpretation. It looks like this guy had a hand in the crucifixion of Jesus. See the nail on his left hand. And notice the “hammer” in his right hand. Yes. Even though we would take part in killing Jesus or abandoning Him. Jesus seems to hold us up in our tiredness and moment of weakness. Jesus loves us still.

It is one of the hardest concept to take in. That despise the “bad” things we do. Maybe even our rejection of Him. Or maybe trying to “kill” Jesus off. Jesus helps us in our weakest and lowest moments in our life.

For whatever reason we are made to believe that we have done something so horrendous that the love of Jesus will not be able to reach us. This is not true. Don’t believe this lie. “Listen” to this children’s song about the love of Jesus.

Jesus loves me this I know. For the Bible tells me so. Little to one to him belong. They are weak but He is strong. Yes. Jesus loves me. Yes. Jesus loves. The Bible tells me so.

You are his beloved.


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